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Driven to make a difference. With a personal approach, and an international view. This is what we promise when we say: Crowe Peak: Smart decisions. Lasting value. 

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About us

Smart decisions. Lasting value.

Leading an organization means finding the right track, while the circumstances are constantly changing. This counts even more if you are led by growth ambitions and operate internationally. You must react quickly and adequately to what is happening around you. Have the guts to act, or not to act. You trust your instincts, your knowledge and experience, but you also look for guidance, confirmation and, preferably, assurance. You want to have access to qualitative insights and data to recognize patterns and to anticipate.



So, you will be ready to take the next step. And that next step, and the road towards it, that is where we come in. Crowe Peak offers all the services that corporates need. Accountancy to payroll, tax advice to global mobility, legal to IT assurance, tech to consulting. With this background, we do not just solve problems. We think ahead. Crowe Peak assesses, monitors and safeguards, provides insights, investigates opportunities, and threats, advises on improvements and guides complex changes.

About us

Smart decisions.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO, CFO, tax consultant, finance manager or controller, we understand the challenges you are facing. We have been around for 100 years. And when it comes to the solutions we offer for your challenges, we take a personal approach. We know you and your organization, and you know the auditor or consultant who manages the core team that gets to work for you. And that team is always in front of and beside you. Is keen to make a difference. Professionally, but personally. Because building better businesses is something you do together.


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About us

Lasting value.

A choice for Crowe Peak means a choice for a firm you can turn to for all your (international) questions. With our expertise, scope and involvement, your organization can be confident that the business is not only doing well now but will continue to do so in the future. By means of clear advice, practical help, and pleasant contact: not tomorrow, but today.

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About us

In 150 countries

More than an accountant or advisor, Crowe Peak is your business sparring partner who evolves while you grow. Moreover, as part of Crowe Global, we have colleagues in 150 countries on speed dial, allowing us to serve your organization across borders. So, tomorrow we will be there for you too, even if that tomorrow dawns elsewhere.

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