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Active Directory Analyzer

Active Directory is at the heart of your business

Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory (or “AD”) is the gateway to information stored in your corporate network and is the cornerstone of many functionalities of your IT environment. Many cyber attacks therefore target Active Directory services.

Active Directory’s primary function is to authenticate and authorize all users and computers in a Windows network. In addition, Active Directory assigns security policies to users and computers. Many organizations use Active Directory to manage users, computers, permissions and files on their corporate network. That is why it is often said that Active Directory is the heart of your IT infrastructure. Something that requires optimal protection.

Active Directory Analyzer

Crowe Peak IT Advisory offers “AD Analyzer”, a tool for IT administrators and auditors to gain an accurate and in-depth understanding of the health of an Active Directory environment. With this, AD Analyzer helps protect against external and insider threats.

Active Directory Analyzer offers the following important benefits, among others:

  • It provides a “snapshot” of the Active Directory security configuration at a given time;
  • It provides recommendations for cleaning outdated accounts, groups, and policies;
  • It helps adjust and optimize Active Directory security policies and settings.

The results of Active Directory Analyzer come with an automatically generated Management Summary and a Technical Detail Report.

Why securing Active Directory is important

Properly securing Active Directory is of vital importance to protect accounts, sensitive data, applications and many more. If attackers can access Active Directory, they may gain access to all user accounts, databases, applications and information in the network. Therefore, an Active Directory security breach can seriously undermine the integrity of your IT infrastructure. Failure to detect an Active Directory security breach has far-reaching consequences that are very hard to recover from. Particularly when not detected early. An insider or outsider intruder only needs a very simple foot-in-the-door access to Active Directory to eventually escalate privileges and obtain Administrator access. From there an attacker can do and see anything within the network.

Active Directory attack sequence

Attack sequence

Consequently, businesses need to conduct regular testing of their Active Directory environment for the following key reasons:

  • To identify active user accounts and groups, ‘sleeping’ accounts and highly privileged accounts;
  • To identify risky conditions like deeply nested groups and directly assigned permissions;
  • To proactively reduce commonly implemented Active Directory misconfigurations and settings;
  • To improve the overall security posture of the Active Directory infrastructure.

Key Features of Active Directory Analyzer

AD Analyzer uses 1.000+ metrics to measure the state of an Active Directory environment. AD Analyzer can be applied from multiple perspectives, such as Internal Audit, Risk Management, IT Security and Forensics.

Key-metrics from AD Analyzer


More information?

Interested in securing your Active Directory environment? For more information about Active Directory Analyzer, please feel free to contact the IT Advisory experts at Crowe Peak. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about protecting and securing your IT infrastructure.

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