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Business Legal Advice

The moment you put your signature on a document the law is monitoring your agreements. But even those unsigned are bound by regulations. Regulations are often complex and not transparent. To cope with difficult issues, business legal advice is on hand.

Business legal advice

Whether you do international business or exclusively in the Netherlands, legislation is complicated and subject to change everywhere. If you know the rules well and apply them, you will not get any surprises. Sometimes you find yourself in a conflict and your legal knowledge will be put to the test. Litigation, reorganization or insolvency. Business Legal advice will help you on your way to avoid conflicts and resolve them.

Legal issues

The company legal advice from our lawyers is ‘made to measure’. That means fitting in with your company, your personal situation and your needs. Besides advice, we offer practical work, such as drafting contracts, supervising a reorganization process of setting up an accounts receivable policy. Our company legal advice is divided into employment law, contract law and corporate law.

Business Legal advice on employment law

Come up against employment issues? Our legal advisors for employment law can answer various questions like:

  • How can flex workers and freelancers be deployed in a responsible manner?
  • My employee is chronically ill. What now?
  • The company must reorganize. How do I go about it?

Business Legal advice on contract law

If you have questions about contracts and conditions? Our specialists in contract law deal with various issues for example:

  • I want to make clear agreements with my suppliers. How do I draw up a good contract?
  • My accounts receivable policy needs improvement. How do I set up a direct debit contract?
  • What does my shareholder agreement state with regard to incapacity for work?

Business Legal advice on company law

Entrepreneurship sometimes raises issues that our specialists in corporate law can help with, such as:

  • I’m going to start a new venture with partners. Which legal form is appropriate and do I need to perform a due diligence?
  • I want to pay dividends. Is that allowed?
  • My company is in trouble. What is my legal position?

International business

Crowe Peak belongs to a renowned global network of accountancy and consultants. That means we can provide international advice on corporate legal matters. Consider for example the understanding of laws and regulations in countries where you operate or preparing a branch abroad.

Looking for more?

Crowe Peak offers advice regarding expat servicespayroll & HR services, tax services, and international advice.

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