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Contract law

Your supplier delivers lower quality products than usual. Lower quality and declining turnover results. Can you fall back on a valid purchase contract? Advice in contract law helps you with the small print.

What is contract law?

Contract law or tort law, supervises the way agreements are established and must be complied with. Well drafted contracts protect you when you buy or sell something, rent or lease. Also in your cooperation with other parties you want to apply contract laws in the right way so you know where you stand.

Drafting contracts

Do you want to make a claim with a new supplier or did you reel in a big customer? A well-drafted contract means doing business decisively. When arrangements are carefully worked out all parties know what is expected of them. However, should something go wrong, the agreement is your backup. Crowe Peak helps you to create and decipher:

  • Manufacturing contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Acquisition contracts
  • Financing agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Purchasing contracts and payment arrangements
  • General terms and conditions
  • Cooperation Agreements
  • Shareholders’ agreements

Interpreting contracts

What does your purchasing contract state about termination? Are the conditions under which the bank finance you still appropriate? We put your agreements under the microscope and sharpen them up if necessary. Obviously with an eye out for maintaining good relations with business partners.

Purchase contracts and conditions

Have you drawn up supplier conditions that are accessible to your customers? And how is liability dealt with? Whether doing business face-to-face or selling your products online, your agreements must be transparent. Our lawyers ensure that your commercial contracts and conditions are all in good order.

Payment Agreements

Your customers do not pay on time. You will not be the first who struggles with this issue. How can you improve your customers’ payment behaviour whilst keeping customer relations intact? A good debtor policy requires strict agreements set on paper. Our lawyers can help you with watertight contracts, conditions and advice.

Co-operation agreements

When you want to co-operate with business partners you need to ensure that your participation, your rights and your obligations are properly recorded. Our specialists can check over your existing co-operation agreements or arrange new agreements for you. In addition, we ensure that your interests are protected. Planning a partnership? Our specialization in corporate law fits perfectly alongside our advisory service for contract law.

Find out more about contract law?

Would you care to sit around the table with Crowe Peak to check over the small print of your existing and new contracts? Please contact us for an informal orientation discussion.

Looking for more?

Crowe Peak also offers advice on employment law, business legal advice, payroll & HR services, expatriate services and international tax advice.

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