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Corporate law

Your first business plan, still remember it? The birth of your business. Gradually as the business develops you run into questions that concern the sustainability of your business. Is the legal format still appropriate? How do I arrange financing? Is bankruptcy in sight? Our specialists in corporate law can provide clear answers to both large and small business questions.

What is corporate law?

Corporate Law deals with the legal provisions for profit-making companies. Corporate Law falls into legal and corporate law. Crowe Peak gives corporate legal advice on various issues where business law is applicable.

Corporate Law and advice

During the growth or downsizing of your company, you encounter opportunities and challenges that you do not want to face by your own. Crowe Peak can be your advisor in all matters related to corporate law. We offer backing and guidance during the various steps that your company makes. Our advice is always tailored to suit your situation, industry and market. We look at your needs and the developments around you. We think in terms of solutions and offer up practical answers. Our advice can relate to the following:

  • Due diligence
  • Business plans
  • Legal forms
  • Tax authorities
  • Financing
  • Bankruptcy and relaunch
  • Liability
  • Acquisition and mergers
  • Employee compensation, bonuses and participation

Advice for new business

Will you go it alone or start a business with other parties? Sole proprietorship, general partnership, partnership, limited partnership (LTD), private limited company (PLC), foundation, association, cooperative, STAK: we can advise you on any legal form. And when you know how it will be set up, we can assist in preparing a business plan. Are you going to merge or sell your business? We also assist in acquisition, merger, sale and transfer of shares. And when you want to start a business across the border, we can assist with international advice.

Advice on financing

When you start a new business or need financial assistance, it is important that you find investors or lenders. Our specialists assist in the preparation of applications for funding and concluding credit agreements. Apart from the regular forms of financing, we can also advise on alternatives, such as crowd funding and private investors.

Legal advice during insolvency and conflict

Is your company in trouble? These are the times when you need to lean on the legal advice of a partner who thinks pragmatically. Our lawyers provide guidance on issues like insolvency, bankruptcy, business relaunch and directors’ liability.

Advice for private limited companies (LTD)

Corporate law has changed significantly in recent years. Many of the changes relate to private limited companies. The rules for filing, reporting and documentation mergers and divisions have been simplified and the one-tier board model has been introduced. There is still more to come, such as the updating of the bankruptcy law. For example, you were previously personally liable as director. Does your private limited company offer adequate protection? We consider the possible solutions and changes in your company set up.

Find out more about corporate law?

Are you on the verge of starting a new business or taking your business in a different direction? Make an appointment with our advisors and discover how we can help you.

Looking for more?

Crowe Peak is also your partner for business legal advice, audit and assurance and international advice.

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