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Family Owned Business

Tax measures for family businesses

Family owned businesses are an important part of our economy. One of the specific aspects of a family business is that ownership and management go together hand in hand. For a family business to be and stay successful, the right balance has to be found between family, business and management interests. This unique balance requires a careful and trusted approach.

Family businesses face various challenges such as business succession, expansion and financing. But also on a personal level, entrepreneurs regularly deal with issues relating to capital, gifting/donating, passings and emigration. Our (international) knowledge enables us to provide your family business with expert advice on a variety of tax issues.

Family business solutions

We can advise your family business on the following questions and challenges:

  • Which corporate structure is best for my family business, legally, and for tax purposes?
  • How do I position my family business establishment in the legal structure?
  • How do I arrange my family business succession within and outside of the family?
  • How do I make optimal use of the tax facility of the (Dutch) business succession scheme (BOR)?
  • What agreements should I make within our company about control, ownership and management?
  • How do I bind my key employees?
  • How do I reward management within the company?
  • How do I approach the expansion of my business abroad?
  • Which financial structures best suit my business? What are the pitfalls?

Personal solutions for business owners

 Family business owners can also face a number of challenges on a personal level. A few of questions that may arise are:

  • How do I arrange an optimal (living) will for tax purposes?
  • How do I plan for my retirement and preserve wealth?
  • How do I optimally transfer (business) assets to my children?
  • What should I be aware of with a (second) home abroad?
  • What are the tax consequences of emigration?
  • What do I have to arrange if I get married or start living together? Which tax aspects are relevant in the event of a divorce?

Your family business abroad

Are you engaged in business abroad? Or are you planning to? Up-to-date knowledge of the local markets and international relations is essential. Crowe Peak belongs to a global network with relations in more than 130 countries. When you do business across the border you benefit from our local knowledge in the most important international markets.

Tailor-made advice for family owned business

Would you like to know more about your tax options? Crowe Peak’s family owned business services are tailor-made and based on your financial, tax and legal position. You will receive personalized advice and an action plan. Contact our advisors today without obligation. We are happy to help you optimize your business.

Looking for more?

Crowe Peak also offers tax advice, accountancy, audit & assurance, business legal advice and international advice.

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