GMS for UK-based companies operating in the Netherlands

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Crowe Peak specializes in providing expert financial, tax, and global mobility solutions for UK-based companies expanding their operations into the Netherlands. With a deep understanding of both UK and Dutch regulations, we offer support to ensure smooth transitions and compliance with local requirements. Whether it’s navigating complex tax structures, managing global mobility for expatriate employees, or developing strategic growth plans, our Global Mobility experts committed to delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of UK companies operating in the Dutch market. 

Tailored solutions for Dutch operations: Our proven method 

We start with a comprehensive initial consultation to grasp your specific requirements and objectives in the Dutch market, including challenges related to global employee mobility. Leveraging our expertise in Dutch laws and regulations, we ensure a deep understanding of your needs to offer suitable solutions. Following this, we craft a tailored program addressing your needs and other relevant aspects, providing clear proposals upfront. We guide you through each stage, offering ongoing support to ensure seamless compliance with local regulations. Moreover, we swiftly address any ad-hoc issues that may arise, including tax, legal, or compliance challenges.

To provide additional insight into our services, we’ve asked one of our clients, Ramnik Kapur (CFO at Blu-3), to share her experience and explain how our solutions have supported Blu-3’s successful operations in the Netherlands. 

Ramnik Kapur – CFO at Blu-3

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Our services  

Our GMS department offers a wide range of services to support you in temporary assignments to the Netherlands, including:  

  • Tax and social security advice  
  • Legal advice on employment law  
  • Setting up a Dutch entity 
  • Drafting international employment contracts  
  • Compliance control and risk management  
  • Visa and work permit management, including:  Blue Cards,  Intra corporate transfers,  Highly skilled migrant visa and combined permits for residence and work.

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