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Internationale payroll

Are you looking for reliable solutions for the international payroll of your organization? Contact Crowe Peak. Our team of global mobility and international payroll specialists has extensive experience and in-depth expertise in providing international payroll services, whether it concerns managing multiple international payroll systems (integrated or side-by-side) or dealing with complex regulatory and tax challenges. Read on for our services in areas such as global payroll services, shadow payroll, split payroll, A1 statements (Certifcate of Coverage) and, specifically in the Netherlands, the “WKR”.

Crowe Peak and international payroll services 

International payroll

At Crowe Peak we understand the questions companies with an international payroll have. That is why we host a team of specialists in payroll, legal, tax, social security, privacy, and international law who are familiar with the complexities you face when working in different countries and legal systems. In addition, Crowe Peak is part of an extensive international network that ensures we are always up to date when it comes to international payroll.  

Special services for international payroll and compliance with Dutch law 

Global payroll services 

Our payroll systems and specialists offer one integrated approach to managing your international payroll processes. Using advanced technology and a global network, we ensure seamless payroll processing, saving costs and minimizing compliance risks. Crowe Peak’s global payroll services not only guarantee impermeable payroll across countries but also worthwhile insights through international payroll dashboarding and international payroll coordination.  

Shadow payroll and split payroll 

It is now more the norm rather than the exception that organizations hire a foreign employee or work with employees who perform their duties both at home and abroad. Therefore, Crowe Peak also specializes in shadow payroll and split payroll solutions. With these services, payrolls and payroll obligations are broken down appropriately and you are assured of meeting all payroll requirements in the various jurisdictions in which you operate.  

Support with deployment of foreign employees 

Because of their extensive experience in an international context, our specialists know all about the issues that international employees encounter in the Netherlands. We are happy to help them, and you as their employer, with payroll regulations, taxes and employment conditions, A1 statements (Certificate of Coverage), WKR challenges, blue card regulations, and the 30% rule so that the adjustment to the new working environment goes as smoothly as possible.  

A1 statements and Dutch regulation “WKR” 

Specific Dutch regulations such as the WKR are of course by no means unknown to us. Crowe Peak’s payroll consultants and tax specialists are therefore excellent at applying the WKR in international payroll processes. When working with employees who operate in multiple countries, it may also be necessary to apply for an A1 statement/Certificate of Coverage to ensure that social security contributions only need to be paid in one country.  

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Benefits of outsourcing international payroll 

  1. Efficiency: our advanced systems allow us to manage the international payroll of any company efficiently and accurately. We not only ensure that salaries are paid on time, but also that data is processed correctly, and that you obtain insight into the state of the company through your payroll. Read more about international payroll dashboarding here 
  1. Compliance: our specialists have in-depth knowledge of local legislation and regulations and contacts around the world. We ensure that your payroll activities comply with the relevant regulations in every country in which you operate 

Crowe Peak can transform your international payroll from a source of concern into a source of information. Our specialists are eager to support your organization in streamlining payroll processes and ensuring compliance with (international) laws and regulations. Please reach out to our specialists.