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IT Security Scan

Crowe Peak’s IT Security scan provides insight into how well your business’ IT is protected. The scan offers clear results and provides concrete recommendations in order to increase and maintain your cyber security; both strategically and operationally.

The current media headlines are dominated by cyber incidents and vulnerability reporting. A trend that is putting more and more companies at risk. IT security risks are increasing in both quantity and complexity, while malicious hackers are actively developing and deploying more advanced forms of cyber attacks daily.

Perform an IT Security Scan for your organization

Like many modern companies, you need a well-thought-out approach to your IT security. You want to know to what extent your organisation is protected against cyber threats. Questions that may arise are:

  • What are the weaknesses in our (cyber)security? How do we uncover these weaknesses before hackers do?
  • What cyber(security) strategy should our company use and what methods are best suited for this?
  • What is the best approach to setting up and implementing a cyber(security) strategy for our company?
  • How can we prevent security breaches and data breaches? What critical risks is our company exposed to?
  • Does our cybersecurity strategy comply with local laws and regulations such as the GDPR or sectoral guidelines?

The Crowe Peak IT Security scan offers insight in 2 areas:

  • The technical condition of your security. Vulnerabilities and risks in networks, equipment, applications and data will be identified.
  • The strategy and operations of your IT security. IT security policies, procedures and processes are analysed.

IT Security Scan: measures, response and recovery after incidents

A common phrase is, “it is not a question of whether a company will be hacked, but when a company will be hacked.” Our IT security scan is therefore not only aimed at investigating preventative measures, but also looks at:

  • The measures taken to detect threats and attacks;
  • The ability to adequately respond to security incidents;
  • The resilience for a timely recovery from an attack or breach.

The IT security scan covers the entire IT security life cycle and is aimed at both technology and organizational elements:

Crowe Peak IT security scan cyber security framework

Figure: cyber security framework (source www.nist.gov)

IT Security Scan according to proven standards and methods

The Crowe Peak IT Security scan is performed according to proven industry standards and methods from the IT security field. The results are reported on the basis of these standards so that your IT department or IT service provider can quickly implement any additional security measures deemed necessary. Crowe Peak can also provide a coordinating role in this area, or offer support in implementing the security measures.

Tooling for the IT Security Scan output

When performing the IT security scan, we use modern automated tools. These tools enable a much more efficient execution of the IT Security scan, while at the same time exposing non-reputable technical facts.

Crowe Peak IT Advisory helps improve your organization’s IT Security as well as increase your resilience to cyber threats. A well-secured IT environment provides your organization with structure and peace of mind.

Perform an IT Security Scan for your organization

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