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Oil, Gas & Energy

Operating in the oil and gas sector?  You are facing major challenges. Resources are becoming scarcer and sustainable production is increasingly important. Moreover, as a trader working overseas you have to deal with local laws and regulations. Crowe Peak provides specialist advice and support.

Energy generation in flux

The oil and gas market is a market in a state of flux and requires great flexibility by its entrepreneurs. The demand for energy is growing while global CO2 emissions must be reduced. You need sustainable production in an industry with changing regulations. The stakes are high, and failure to fulfil obligations can cost a lot of money.

Does your business operate globally? That brings with it a complex financial and tax burden. You run into issues like:

  • In which countries do I have to pay what income and payroll taxes?
  • What regional laws and rules apply to liability and insurance?
  • What should I consider as my employees work offshore?

Advice for companies in oil and gas

For many years now, Crowe Peak has provided advice and support to companies engaged in the oil and gas market. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of the industry and of applicable laws and regulations. Complementary to our services in the field of tax and accountancy are legal advice and international advice, relevant to the oil and gas. The advantages of working with Crowe Peak:

  • Broad and specialist knowledge of oil and gas and offshore
  • Years of experience in cooperation with Dutch and international companies
  • Excellent knowledge of local and international laws and regulations
  • Global support offices in 130 countries and major energy cities

Our services

Wondering what the status is with respect to the IB requirement of your foreign workers? Or how to avoid double tax payments? We support you in all your financial, tax, legal and personnel issues. Do you have specific questions about your employees abroad? Then we are happy to enlist the support of our expat service. Some of our services to the oil and gas sector:

  • Accountancy
  • International business
  • Tax advice
  • VAT advice
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Payroll & HR services
  • Expat services
  • IT services

Global support

When you are our customer, you can enjoy global support. Crowe Global is located in more than 130 countries. We have offices in major energy cities like Houston, Aberdeen, Antwerp and Rotterdam. We are constantly up-to-date with the local developments in the international markets. Conversely, we support foreign companies operating in the Dutch part of the continental shelf.

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

Offshore Energy is an annual exhibition & conference event at the RAI Amsterdam, which focuses on the sectors offshore, oil and gas, wind energy, maritime services, ships, transport and storage. Every year, Crowe Peak participates at the fair with a stand and we enjoy talking with many of the entrepreneurs in attendance about the financial and fiscal challenges in this sector.

On Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 of October, Crowe Peak will be present at Offshore Energy in the RAI in Amsterdam, where we will be part of the Offshore Community Rotterdam Platform of Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC).

Discover more?

How does your future look in this industry? What are your opportunities? Does your company meet the ever changing requirements in legislation and regulations? Crowe Peak can invite you to meet with our specialists. Make an appointment and find out what our services can do for companies in the oil and gas sector.

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