Payroll solutions for UK businesses operating in the Netherlands

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Navigating international payroll can be complex, especially when expanding your business to the Netherlands. Crowe Peak specializes in providing tailored payroll solutions for UK businesses operating in the Dutch market.

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Integrated Global Payroll Services

Our payroll specialists provide one integrated approach for managing your international payroll processes. With our advanced technology and global expertise, we offer tailored advice to streamline your payroll processes, generate cost efficiencies, and mitigate compliance risks.

Solutions for UK-Netherlands operations

Our payroll specialists offer an integrated approach to manage your international payroll processes. Utilizing advanced technology and global expertise, we work towards streamlined operations, cost savings, and compliance while providing tailored advice on Dutch payroll regulations, assisting with setting up Dutch entities, and managing temporary assignments and more.

Our services include

  • Global Payroll Management: Tailored solutions for managing payroll across borders.
  • Shadow & Split Payroll: Compliance solutions for employees working both domestically and internationally.
  • 30% Ruling assistance: Support with the Dutch tax advantage for highly skilled migrants.
  • A1 Statements : Guidance with social security.
  • WKR regulation expertise: Application of Dutch WKR regulations to international payroll processes.
  • Temporary assignments support:
  • Tax and social security advice
  • Legal advice on employment law
  • Setting up a Dutch entity
  • Drafting international employment contracts
  • Compliance control and risk management
  • Visa and work permit management, including Blue Cards, Intra corporate transfers, Highly skilled migrant visas, and combined permits for residence and work.

What our clients say

Supporting your employees every step of the way

We understand that successful international assignments rely on the well-being and satisfaction of your employees. That’s why our services extend beyond corporate compliance to encompass comprehensive support for your team members. From navigating social security considerations to maximizing tax benefits such as the 30% ruling and the 183-day rule, we are here to ensure that both your company and your employees thrive during their time in the Netherlands.

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