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Certainty is an increasingly important commodity in an information-dense society. It matters. Not only for your management strategy, but also for your shareholders, for regulators, for the tax authorities and for investors. 

Assurance about the state of your organization is therefore something you preferably hand over to them on a silver platter. Crowe Peak’s reliable and progressive auditors are happy to make this possible for you. We help large, international companies meet their statutory audit obligations by delivering audit reports and audit opinions. 

And we go beyond this traditional accountant’s work. Our broad, international, and modern organization employs certified auditors, chartered accountants, and specialists in the field of financial statement audits, group audits, ESG audits, IT audits, tax audits, f-gas audits and other audits adapted to the spirit of the times and digital developments. This wide range of activities is possible because we are with many, both in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world and because we work together with tax specialists, lawyers, global mobility specialists and IT auditors and consultants. And with Crowe Peak, large never means impersonal. We know our clients and our clients know us. Service and security go hand in hand at Crowe Peak. 

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