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With growth comes responsibility. Financially, socially, and increasingly, fiscally, and legally. And when your eyes are focused on your goals, working your way through regulations can be challenging.

This is why Crowe Peak is a welcome partner when it comes to Tax & Legal. Whether you are an entrepreneur, HR director, tax director, finance director, legal counsel, tax advisor or (potential) business successor, we can be consulted. If we notice that the corporate structure might need a reset, we point that out. If the corporate housekeeping requires more management, we will take care of that. If new markets are being tapped into, we look at the fiscal possibilities. If there are questions about agreements, financing, dissolution or privacy, a trusted advisor is ready to help you out. If there is relevant news, we inform. So, your business is running. Within the bounds of the law and with its eyes on the horizon.

At Crowe Peak, we offer practical services as well as specialized advice. We file returns (VAT, corporate tax (Vpb), ATAD II) and draft contracts in various jurisdictions. But we are also focused on zooming out and looking at the bigger picture. We provide suggestions regarding your tax and legal structure and all kinds of legal support. In addition, we facilitate communication with the Dutch Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst).

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