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The statutory audit of financial statements by an external auditor (audit) is an essential part of corporate governance for medium to large companies. Obtaining an audit report is not only a duty you must comply with, but also essential for your own decision-making and the confidence of investors, customers, and suppliers. 

You are therefore looking for an external auditor who knows the ropes. Who knows the guidelines for annual reporting (Dutch GAAP) and IFRS like the back of his hand. Who is experienced in performing group audits. Who automates and digitizes directly when possible. Who meets deadlines, fulfills agreements, provides clarity, and makes useful recommendations.  

Those auditors, those chartered accountants, you will find at Crowe Peak. They are thorough, adequate and offer both an independent view and a friendly face. And they are part of a network of auditors in 150 different countries. So even when your organization extends beyond the Dutch border and the audits become complex and international, Crowe Peak is the ideal party for auditing, statutory audits, and mandatory reporting. 

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