Assurance Readiness

A smooth transition to limited assurance

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Crowe Peak’s Assurance Readiness service is meticulously crafted to prepare your organization for the external verification and assurance of sustainability information in the annual report. This service goes beyond mere preparation, offering targeted advice and potential enhancements to your sustainability reporting. The ultimate goal is to navigate the initial mandatory limited assurance process seamlessly, minimizing unwelcome surprises.

Our team possesses the expertise to assist your organization in identifying potential deficiencies in sustainability reporting, aligning with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

What distinguishes this service at Crowe Peak is not only our commitment to consultancy but also our proficiency in assurance. Armed with the right tools and insights from our own assurance practice, we can evaluate your organization’s sustainability reporting and facilitate optimization for a seamless external verification process. Count on Crowe Peak to equip your company for the challenges posed by impending CSRD legislation.

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