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Effective data management


A well-structured framework for data management, IT systems, governance, and controls is pivotal in aligning with CSRD standards. These elements not only dictate the reliability and accessibility of sustainability information but are also indispensable for securing limited assurance during audits.

Inaccuracies or omissions in data can jeopardize the credibility of sustainability reports. A robust IT systems framework ensures the streamlined collection, analysis, and reporting of data, which is fundamental for precise CSRD reporting. Additionally, governance and controls contribute to a seamless process, mitigating risks of inaccuracies or misstatements. Crowe Peak not only comprehends the essence of these components but also possesses the requisite knowledge and tools to provide counsel on the optimal design of controls, data collection, and IT systems as integral facets of your CSRD approach. With the right systems in place, we support your organization in fulfilling reporting requirements.

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