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In the world of sustainability reporting and compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), double materiality assumes a pivotal role. The double materiality analysis serves as the foundational step toward achieving CSRD compliance. We scrutinize impacts, risks, and opportunities, paving the way for a customized sustainability strategy tailored to seamlessly align with your organization.

At Crowe Peak, our approach extends beyond assessing how your company influences society from within (inside-out); we also evaluate the influence of external factors on business performance (outside-in). This results in a dynamic interplay between your company’s performance and stakeholder expectations.

Stakeholder engagement is paramount in this process. Through interviews, surveys, workshops, or a combination thereof, we actively involve relevant stakeholders, gaining a comprehensive understanding of sustainability issues crucial to both your company and the stakeholders. This comprehensive analysis culminates in a definitive list of material sustainability themes for reporting.

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