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The world is changing before our eyes, and laws, regulations and reporting requirements are changing at an equally rapid pace with it. The focus on climate, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance is becoming increasingly important, bringing great responsibilities and sometimes concerns. Terms like CSRD, ESRS, energy quotas and sustainability reports may seem something for the future, but they harbor principles that you will have to incorporate into the way you do business.  

To keep up is to lag in this setting. Besides, you want to do things right. For the compliance of your company, for the comfort of your shareholders and investors and, most importantly, for the world of tomorrow. So, starting now to list the bottlenecks and the ESG themes that are important to you is no unnecessary luxury. But where do you start? What do you have to comply with and when? And is it possible to turn a necessity into a virtue by pioneering?  

Crowe Peak’s specialist accountants and advisors are your guide in this unexplored landscape. Our advisors can help you map out who your stakeholders are and what the material sustainability issues are. We support you on your path to compliance with the new legislation and social standards that will underpin future legislation. We offer assistance in structuring your information flows. Alert you if we spot a trend that will become relevant to your business. 

Our accountants can increase the reliability of your sustainability reporting by providing our assurance services. And we do so not only in the Netherlands, but in every jurisdiction in which you operate. With our colleagues in 150 countries, you are covered broadly, while in the Netherlands you are always sparring with a familiar face.  

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