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Today’s job market offers a wealth of opportunities for your modern workforce. Whether you are looking for strategically placed labor or super specialists, national borders no longer need to be an obstacle to hiring or flying in the people you need. 

However, the paperwork and stacked regulations involved can cloud your view of great opportunities. After all, visas, diploma ratings, notification requirements, contact with the employee insurance administration (UWV) and social security documentation are work for specialists that many organizations cannot manage themselves. Especially in times when procedures are becoming more political and complex by the day. Especially in times when Brexit has created specific questions around migration to and from the United Kingdom. 

That is why Crowe Peak can advise and assist you when it comes to visas, blue cards and other residence and immigration documentation, 30% regulations, Nuffic evaluations, (long term) secondments, tax agreements, housing of international staff and establishment issues. This is how Crowe Peak helps you and your employees to have a better tomorrow. Anywhere in the world

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