International Payroll Coordination

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Efficient payroll management is essential for ensuring financial stability, fostering strong employee relations, and realizing savings across various fronts. At Crowe Peak, we offer tailored payroll solutions designed to meet the needs of medium to large organizations. Whether it involves straightforward payroll processes or complex scenarios with temporary workers, freelancers, foreign employees, and beyond, we have the expertise to handle it. 

For international secondments, we provide specialized services like shadow payroll. This entails ensuring accurate tax and social insurance contributions in both the employee’s home and host countries, thereby preventing double taxation and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Our modern IT solutions seamlessly integrate with our payroll systems, offering valuable insights for personnel and accounting policies. We assume full responsibility for managing your payroll administration, identifying bottlenecks, and pinpointing areas for improvement. With Crowe Peak’s payroll services, payroll transforms into a valuable source of information rather than a challenge for your organization. 

Crowe Peak’s international payroll services summarized: 

  • Comprehensive payroll management to alleviate administrative burdens; 
  • Coordination of international payroll processes; 
  • Shadow payroll services; 
  • Split payroll arrangements; 
  • Advice on WKR (employment costs scheme); 
  • Guidance on A1 statements (certificates of coverage); and 
  • Specialized advice for payroll related to secondments and assignments.  
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