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Do you provide payroll services? Financial tools? Software solutions? HR systems? In that case it is certainly worth considering obtaining an ISAE report. ISAE 3402 is a highly effective way to give your clients a transparent view of the reliability of the internal processes within your organization. 

ISAE 3402 reports are issued by independent (third party) auditors who study the various aspects of the services your company provides. The auditor involved will pay attention to the software you use, the internal control systems that have been set up and the actual elaboration of these systems through testing. A positive report thus leads directly to assurance about your services and good advertising towards clients. Therefore, although not mandatory, an ISAE 3402 report is increasingly expected by service customers. 

Crowe Peak’s certified (IT) accountants are happy to be your guide on your way to an ISAE 3402 audit. We advise, stimulate, and escort you towards the end goal. We have years of experience in IT assurance and certification, are members of several relevant professional organizations and know audit and the latest developments in IT and data protection through and through. As a result, we do not complete a step-by-step plan with you, but provide an integrated view of your organization and your IT and security goals. Curious as to whether an ISAE 3402 report is a clever idea for your company? Make an appointment

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