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Whether you work with an array of software solutions, or your IT and business intelligence structure is still in its infancy, cyber threats are everywhere where there is a digital network involved. Identifying, categorizing and containing those threats, addressing a cybersecurity policy and leveraging technology for the security, however, seems like a massive project for many organizations.

That is why Crowe Peak is happy to walk along with you. We do that with our security baseline assessment. With our IT (audit) specialists and technology services we create a panoramic overview of your organization’s security maturity and mentality. Based on this picture and the insights into your pitfalls and blind spots, we establish a security program. Or we discuss the possibilities for more far-reaching solutions, such as bringing in a CISO or taking the path to IT security certification or reporting. Whatever your path may be, we take you by the hand and make sure you have a clear view of the challenges and opportunities of your systems.  

Looking for a one-time service that identifies a specific risk in your organization? Then read about our technology services here. Through a phishing simulation test, a vulnerability assessment or a pen test, our technical experts and ethical hackers can specify threats. 

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