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If the security baseline assessment reveals that your organization faces challenges around cyber security, or if you have concerns about data protection, cyber-attacks or compliance with IT regulations, our specialists are ready to develop an appropriate security program for your organization. Implementing such program not only ensures comfort. A solid digital security plan also facilitates growth and strengthens your brand. 

Crowe Peak’s security programs are always tailor made. We look at what the organization needs, as well as the level of comfort you want to offer your customers and other stakeholders. When ultimate cyber resilience is a goal, your security program will be a prelude to ISO 270001 certification or a SOC 2 and/or SOC 3 report. When the approach is more focused on internal protection and compliance, other solutions may be a better fit. These might include establishing a risk management process, formalizing security policies, founding a security architecture, establishing standardized responses to security incidents, staff training, setting annual KPIs on data protection and IT security or taking the test by performing phishing simulations or pen testing.

Whatever your desire, fear or vision, our specialists are here to assist. To provide practical advice, to implement solutions and gently expose weaknesses in your security. 

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