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A System and Controls 3 (SOC 3) report confirms that your organization is operating compliantly. This gives confidence. This gives credibility. This gives reassurance. Especially when you process a lot of (sensitive) data. SOC 3 reports on the same topics as SOC 2, but in a much shorter manner with much less detail. Because of the latter, you can also confidently share this report openly and even publish it on your organization’s website. 

SOC 3 is thus the ideal way to use compliance as a tool for growth. Because nothing gives you a better review these days than good data protection and reliable business. Not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world. With our international network, we are therefore happy to advise you – also when it comes to data protection and SOC – far beyond the Dutch border. Want to know more or schedule an appointment with one of our IT assurance professionals? Get in touch

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