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Loan agreements, credit line agreements, lease agreements, sale-and-lease-back, factoring, equity agreements, mezzanine financing, mortgages, pledges, asset-backed securities, project financing: when outside capital comes along, legal jargon is never far away. 

And these terms may not be unfamiliar to you, but nevertheless you would like a specialist to interpret, advise, and negotiate the specific terms with you. Someone who is at home in the world of financing and securities and who can clearly outline the important provisions. This is where Crowe Peak comes in.  

Whether the person on the other side of the table is the bank, an insurer, an investor, or a (potential) business partner or acquisition candidate, our legal experts have the knowledge to advise and assist your company on financing documentation. Is there also a fiscal component or a financial risk? Then our in-house tax or accountancy professionals will be happy to look at it too. Because Crowe Peak offers a broad view. Fiscal, and legal, also across the border

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