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Your personnel is your greatest strength and your greatest liability. Being an employer therefore comes with great responsibilities. That is why you want to have a safety net in place. For the organization and for your employees. 

Crowe Peak helps you with this. With clear contracts, hands-on step-by-step plans, professional due diligence, knowledge of collective agreements, cross-border regulations, fiscal consequences, and reintegration. For good talks and realistic advice. As far as labor and employment law is concerned, we do not lapse into generalities, but analyze keenly what is needed within the organization or in the specific case. We have experience in both individual trajectories and major labor law routes. 

Crowe Peak informs you about current affairs, union intentions, ways to deal more efficiently with work and the obligations you have towards your employees. Whether it comes to employee benefits, privacy, competition and non-disclosure clauses, management agreements, sick leave, leaves of absence, benefits, renewals, or qualifications of contracts. We are there. For advice on the progress of an individual employee, but also when reorganization proves to be unavoidable for your organization. Crowe Peak is with you today and tomorrow. 

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