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The General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’ and in the Netherlands ‘Avg’) used to be a dark cloud above the market, but recently the regulations deriving from it turned into an indispensable tool for any organization that takes the (privacy) interests and security of its customers and staff seriously. 

With news about cybercrime and DdoS attacks, the idea that privacy is important and under intense pressure in our increasingly digitized and information-driven society has certainly sunk in. That said, implementing all the European and Dutch privacy regulations is, and will continue to be, quite a chore. You want to get it right, but also stay practical and you do not want to overlook any weaknesses in your system. And most of all, you want to create an Avg/GDPR framework in your company that is solid as a rock. To make sure that everyone is protected, and management knows where they stand. 

Crowe Peak helps you do just that. With designing a robust GDPR structure and digital solutions, but also with advice on specific issues on demand. For those who want to know where to start, we perform an GDPR/Avg audit and create a roadmap. For those looking for concrete help, we create processing registries, processing policies and procedures. We provide training for staff, support you with statements tailored to your organization and keep you up to date with the latest news. Because technology does not stand still, privacy does not, so we do not. Want to know more about what Crowe Peak and our certified consultants can do for you in privacy? Make an appointment right away. 

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