Restructuring & Liquidations

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When you talk about restructuring or even liquidation you never talk about one size fits all. We understand that every company is unique and that there are more factors to consider than bottom-line figures. 

Therefore, Crowe Peak enjoys working on integrated advice and services around restructuring/reorganization and liquidations/dissolutions. Whether these are motivated by a situation of tax optimization, of financial reconsideration or distress, a merger or acquisition, retirement of principal shareholder or a (partial) bankruptcy. Together, we will work it out.  

Our lawyers and tax specialists understand the complexity and sensitivity concerned with change and/or closure, and they are incredibly good at their jobs. They are well versed in creditor agreements, legal forms, liquidations and tax and personnel issues in times of restructuring or dissolution. This is how they lift your organization to tomorrow. Whatever form that tomorrow may take. 

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