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In a family-owned company, good business means so much more than results, growth, and acquisition. It means determining what footprint you want to leave behind, combining work life and business life, reflecting on your own dreams while professionalizing, incorporating life-events into your commercial agenda, and, occasionally trying to stand still and enjoy when everything else is racing along.  

Tax and legal advice for family businesses therefore has a special place in Crowe Peak’s heart. This also makes it a focus area for some of our specialists. They are there for you to unburden you and serve as a trusted advisor for you, your company, and your family. To act as a link between the company and the Tax Authorities, to turn tax returns from a pain in the neck into a simple tick on the to-do list. For your business and for your family. For the right documentation at the right time and for an attentive ear and a fresh perspective when needed. 

And if the business is ever ready for the new generation, then we are there too to manage that transition. We have the right people and experience for that. Want to know more about what our tax advisors, accountants and lawyers can do for your family business? Schedule a personal meeting right away or read more in our knowledge hub.

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