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An acquisition is an exciting process; legally, financially, fiscally, and often even personally. It demands a lot from the organization, and from you. Whether you are a director or if you supervise the process as an employee with final responsibility. 

What are the risks in financial stability, growth potential, competitive position, and operational efficiency? With this move, are you seizing the right opportunities in terms of new markets, new customers, innovative technologies, and product lines? Are you really done once the signatures are in place? These are legitimate questions. Therefore, you are looking for an advisor to walk along with you and explain the process. Whether you yourself have a prospect for acquisition in mind, or you are in negotiations to sell your business. Whether it is a transaction between international corporates, or a business transition from parent to child

Crowe Peak’s services span the entire advisory bandwidth of the acquisition market. We think along with you about your strategy, perform due diligence (or assist you when your organization is the subject of an investigation), lead negotiations, make IT assessments and advise on, among other things, employment law issues and transaction and tax structuring. Because an acquisition is not something you want to and should do alone. 

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