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When your company works with foreign branches, transfer pricing policies are not a luxury but a necessity. Not only to avoid fines, additional taxes, and profit adjustments, but also to ensure optimal use of the internal organization. 

Transfer pricing, however, is a highly specialized field. Good advice requires insight into the organization involved, but also experience in contact with different tax authorities, knowledge of the market(s) in which they operate and an eye for current affairs. That is why Crowe Peak employs specialized tax specialists, who in turn liaise with transfer pricing specialists in our extensive international network

We are experienced in requesting the necessary information to draw up a transfer pricing policy. Trained in drafting transfer pricing risk analyses and internal pricing agreements. We would like to assist you with the implications of intercompany transactions and clearly indicate when they deserve extra attention or pose a risk. In short, we help you follow the rules, be compliant in the countries where you do business, reduce disputes, and optimize documentation. We do this thoroughly, and together with you.

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