Why you can’t work with a Schengen visa

In the Netherlands

Is your company planning to hire employees in the Netherlands who are currently living or working in the United Kingdom and are not European residents? Then it is essential to understand which visa is needed to allow them to live and work in the Netherlands. In many cases, a highly skilled migrant visa is considered as a suitable solution when someone wants to work in the Netherlands.  

When is a Schengen visa needed? 

The Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that grants access to the Netherlands and other Schengen countries for a period of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. This visa is ideal for tourist trips, family visits, or short business trips. When employees travel from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands and stay less than 90 days without the intention to work, a Schengen visa is usually sufficient. This visa allows them to travel freely within the Schengen area for their stay. It is important to note that with a Schengen visa, working in the Netherlands or any other Schengen country is not permitted. 

When is a highly skilled migrant visa needed? 

For employees who want to work in the Netherlands, a Schengen visa is not sufficient. For highly qualified workers, a highly skilled migrant visa can be applied. This visa is specifically designed for employees with a high level of specialization who are sponsored by a Dutch employer. 

The highly skilled migrant visa allows employees to stay and work in the Netherlands for an extended period. This visa is ideal for professionals in sectors such as technology, science, healthcare, and other areas where highly qualified labor is required. Employers in the Netherlands must be officially recognized as sponsors by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) to apply for a highly skilled migrant visa for their employees. 

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Differences between Schengen visa and
Highly Skilled Migrant visa 

 Schengen visa: 

  • Short stay (maximum 90 days) 
  • Tourist visits, family visits, short business trips 
  • No work permitted 

 Highly skilled migrant visa: 

  • Long stay, specifically for work 
  • Requires sponsorship by a recognized Dutch employer 
  • Focused on highly qualified professionals 

Conditions and qualifications for the HSM visa

To be eligible for the HSM visa, both the employer and the employee must meet certain criteria. Employees must show that they are highly skilled and possess specialised skills or expertise relevant to their intended role in the Netherlands. Employers must be recognised sponsors and comply with all legal obligations related to sponsoring foreign workers.

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Crowe Peak: Specialist in highly skilled migrant visas and other global mobility topics 

Applying for a highly skilled migrant visa involves many steps. Crowe Peak’s global mobility specialists have extensive experience in guiding professionals and companies through the visa application process. We offer support to professionals from the United Kingdom and other countries in obtaining the correct visa to work in the Netherlands. 

Our services summarized:  

  • Advice on the requirements and procedures for applying for various types of visa including a highly skilled migrant visa; 
  • Assistance in gathering the necessary documents and information; 
  • Support in submitting the visa application to the IND; and 
  • Workforce planning, global mobility advice (including 30% rulings and social security advice), and international payroll services. 

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