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Employment law

Your employee is chronically ill. With major implications for your business. What are your rights and obligations in the event of an employment issue? Salary penalties, transition fees, administrative penalties: employment law can cost you dearly if you are not well prepared.

Wat is employment law?

Employment law regulates the working relationship between employees and employers. The employment market is now changing rapidly: the average age of workers increases, as does the use of temporary employees or freelancers too. These changes are reflected immediately in employment law. VAR WWZ, WAADI WAS; one scheme after another is introduced or disappears. You must be well informed in order to apply the rules and avoid legal issues.

Advice and support in employment law

Illness cannot be anticipated. But many employment issues can be avoided by ensuring that you have the regulations in order from the beginning. So our company lawyers can, according to contract law, draft watertight contracts for you. In this way when you bring in freelancers or flex workers, we ensure the right approach is implemented that protects your business against claims of scheme arrangements. Such as pay rolling or preparing a contract of no authority. Is there still a chance of a dispute? We can act quickly for you and supervise the process. Employment issues that we can help with:

  • Sickness and occupational incapacity
  • Employment dispute
  • Dismissal
  • Reintegration
  • External personnel
  • Collective agreements
  • Cross-border employment
  • Reorganization
  • Competition clauses
  • Employee participation law
  • Outsourcing and secondment
  • Merger and bankruptcy


The dismissal law is perhaps the best known part of employment law. The legislation has been tightened further from mid-2016. The brakes have effectively been put on the flexibility of the employment market. For example, employees who have worked two years or longer for you are legally entitled to a severance payment. Our lawyers are closely following developments. We can assist you in hiring staff, the drafting of contracts and the transit or outflow. When you need to restructure outsource it so that we can implement a reorganization process.

Labour disputes and reintegration

In the case of a chronically sick employee, you want to know what steps should or should not be taken in order to cope with such a situation. Our specialists in employment law can explain this precisely to you. When the time comes we can set out the reintegration process for you or conduct the dismissal process for you. We can help you with the commitments required by The Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act. Even in matters such as breach of contract or competition clause we can act on your behalf.

Find out more about employment law?

Do you need advice or help with employment issues? Contact our specialists to find out how we can help you right away.

Looking for more?

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