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For many companies in the highly internationalized business world, VAT is much more than a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual return. It is a financial resource and a financial risk that requires a lot of work. Because first, you want to be compliant with regulations, but you also do not want to overpay. 

The basic principle of VAT is clear: It is a tax rate paid on goods and services provided to customers. It gets complicated, however, when different rates apply, when different tax authorities can claim payment, when trucks carrying goods enter and exit the EU, when VAT must be paid on arrival at a European port, when reverse charge can or must be made, when real estate or securities are involved, when the rules for deductions (input tax) change, or when internal deliveries or non-payment occurs.  

Crowe Peak’s tax team houses specialists who enthusiastically approach the above challenges. Who not only stand for a correct and timely tax return but are also keen to streamline and improve your (international) VAT processes. Who know everything about the EU and treaty aspects of VAT flows and have access to a broad international network in situations where the business is done far beyond the Dutch border. Who know how to consult with the Tax Authorities and respond directly and personally to all your questions regarding VAT. 

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