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Whether your business is highly technology-intensive but sparsely populated, or consists of offices full of employees, whether you are already subject to audit or eager to take advantage of your growth potential, whether your organization is run by the family or by board, supervisors and shareholders: The administration is still a thing. And that thing must be done excellently. Not only for the tax authorities, your creditors, and your customers, but also for your own peace of mind.  

Therefore, at Crowe Peak we know and advocate the importance of excellent corporate housekeeping. We encourage our clients to make this a priority. To formally record board resolutions, to timely plan and properly administer shareholder meetings, to delineate supervisory board tasks, to record HR management and other internal processes in protocols. To take minutes, to keep shareholder registers and share certificates up to date and carefully preserve them, to manage the corporate structure and periodically check it for improvements and digitize it where possible. 

We realize that you want this done efficiently and with an eye for the needs of your organizations. That you want advice or support, but do not want to outsource it completely. And that is why we are here for you.

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